Ken and Bri review two Strange New Worlds episodes. Ken felt “Among the Lotus Eaters”, based was this season’s weakest episode to date, but even he was surprised to hear Bri call it one of the worst episodes of Trek ever! It’s reminiscent of the Enterprise episode “Twilight” and the Apple TV+ series Severance, all while being based on a passing line from the TOS pilot “The Cage“.

We then enjoy a round of “Charades”, which dips back into the “Vulcans are funny!” well by giving them their own form of Festivus — yet the main plot for Bri was the heartbreaking romance between Spock and Nurse Chapel. With SNW being a prequel to TOS, is it a spoiler to know this cannot end well?

We also pay tribute to Manny Coto, Enterprise showrunner who recently passed away; and we offer a brief review of the Chicago Gamespace and its tribute to 40 years of TRON.

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