Star Trek: Discovery is off the air for the next two months, and its mid-season finale has left us with many questions. In this episode of Transporter Lock, Bri and Ken offer answers and fan theories to listener questions, submitted via email and reddit:

  • How does Discovery align with Gene Roddenberry’s vision for humanity’s future?
  • Who is the bigger threat to the Discovery‘s crew: Lorca, or L’Rell?
  • Who are Michael Burnham’s parents?
  • Where are the Andorians?
  • How does Lorca keep his Tribble population under control?
  • Are Ash Tyler’s memories of sexual assault his own — or is he misremembering Voq’s life?
  • Would Anthony Rapp come out about his sexual assault by Kevin Spacey had Star Trek not given him a voice?
  • How come we see no evidence of the spore drive in future iterations of Star Trek?
  • Where has the starship Discovery warped to?

Thank you to everyone who shared their questions! Did we not answer yours? Hit us up on Twitter!

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