Robb Pearlman is an author and editor of dozens of books on pop-culture phenomena, ranging from Bob Ross to Alien to Rick and Morty. His latest book, Star Trek: Starfleet Is…, depicts the many qualities of Starfleet and the heroes who manifest them, spanning the centuries and series of Star Trek. A portion of the sales of the book, which features a foreword by Kenneth Mitchell (Kol, Auriello), benefits The ALS Association.

In this interview, Ken and Sabriel ask Robb about the personal experiences that inspired this book; the challenge of writing an entire book in only a few hundred words, and the cuts he made to meet that limit; the juxtapositions and flow he arranged; the lessons learned in assembling the book; and what Starfleet means to him personally.

Robb’s previous Star Trek credits include Stuck on Star Trek, Fun With Kirk and Spock, The Wit and Wisdom of Star Trek, and Body by Starfleet. Follow him on Twitter at @msmazeppa!

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