Picard‘s third and final season begins — and, as always, Bri and Ken are cautiously optimistic while brimming with questions. Can the writers find something more to Seven of Nine’s character than being ex-Borg? Will Bri’s theory of who Raffi’s handler prove correct? (Almost certainly.) Are the bad guys Romulan, and are they thinking with portals? Does Wil Wheaton’s Tumblr post make us want to cry? Where is Guinan? And just how many daughters does LeVar Burton have?

Tangents include Ken calling in from Budapest, where he’ll make a point of visiting the Columbo statue and watching a young Kate Mulgrew in Mrs. Columbo. We also pay our respects to Annie Wersching (Picard‘s Borg Queen) and Kellie Waymire (Enterprise‘s Ensign Cutler)

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