Harcourt Fenton Mudd: scoundrel, con-man, forger, misogynist, thief, sociopath. When Captain Kirk’s recurring villain was reinvented for Discovery, his list of crimes expanded to include murder. Previously a harmless ne’er-do-well, Harry Mudd, portrayed on The Original Series and The Animated Series by Roger C. Carmel, became more than a thorn in Captain Lorca’s side when played by Rainn Wilson. Is he even still the same man?

In this episode of Transporter Lock, Bri and Ken offer their character analyses of Harry Mudd. What are his motivations, his morals, and his redeeming qualities, if any? If Star Trek was addressing social issues of the 1960s, was Mudd meant to represent gender inequality? And if Mudd’s a misogynist, does that make Captain Kirk a feminist? Has Mudd appeared too often on Discovery, and will we see him again? All this and more in this week’s show!

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