Podcast Episodes

Podcast #Podcast dateShowSeasonEpisodeTitleGuestLength
0Sep 22, 2017Launch Sequence Initiated28.02
1Sep 25, 2017Discovery11The Vulcan Hello46.92
2Sep 26, 2017Discovery12Battle at the Binary Stars47.50
3Oct 3, 2017Discovery13Context Is for Kings49.67
4Oct 9, 2017Discovery14The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry50.67
5Oct 16, 2017Discovery15Choose Your Pain68.42
6Oct 23, 2017Discovery16Lethe67.18
7Oct 31, 2017Discovery17Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad64.57
8Nov 8, 2017Discovery18Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum73.82
9Nov 14, 2017Discovery19Into the Forest I Go69.70
10Nov 20, 2017Discovery1S1 Mid-Season Questions47.12
11Nov 27, 2017Discovery1Harry Mudd48.40
12Dec 13, 2017Holiday Gift Guide 201738.78
13Dec 26, 2017DiscoveryCrossovers We'd Like to See43.37
14Jan 12, 2018Discovery110Despite YourselfSusan Arendt52.82
15Jan 17, 2018Discovery111The Wolf Inside43.20
16Jan 26, 2018Discovery112Vaulting Ambition45.82
17Feb 1, 2018Discovery113What's Past Is Prologue48.50
18Feb 6, 2018Discovery114The War Without, The War Within48.67
19Feb 13, 2018Discovery115Will You Take My Hand?59.77
20Feb 22, 2018Discovery1Season 1 Recap43.25
20May 17, 2018Star Trek OnlineAl Rivera39.15
21Aug 1, 2018Discovery2Season 2 Trailer43.50
22Oct 3, 2018Short Treks, Picard's Return & Star Trek Beyond43.47
23Oct 12, 2018Short Treks11Runaway37.15
24Nov 11, 2018Short Treks12Calypso44.55
25Dec 13, 2018Short Treks13The Brightest Star28.28
26Jan 5, 2019Short Treks14The Escape Artist26.18
27Jan 20, 2019Discovery21Brother38.15
28Jan 26, 2019Discovery22New Eden42.66
29Feb 7, 2019Discovery23Point of Light49.58
30Feb 9, 2019Discovery24An Obol for Charon41.43
31Feb 17, 2019Discovery25Saints of Imperfection43.67
32Feb 25, 2019Discovery26The Sounds of Thunder35.32
33Mar 6, 2019Discovery27Light and Shadows53.58
34Mar 12, 2019Discovery28If Memory Serves56.97
35Mar 17, 2019Discovery29Project Daedalus43.87
36Mar 24, 2019Discovery210The Red Angel47.08
37Apr 2, 2019Discovery211Perpetual Infinity40.82
38Apr 6, 2019Discovery212Through the Valley of ShadowsJessica Janiuk62.32
39Apr 14, 2019Discovery213Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 152.30
40Apr 21, 2019Discovery214Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 264.20
41Apr 28, 2019Discovery2Season 2 RecapSusan Arendt83.23
42Aug 21, 2019Deep Space NineWhat We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine54.55
43Oct 20, 2019Short Treks21Q&A22.47
44Oct 21, 2019Short Treks22The Trouble with Edward20.45
45Nov 17, 2019Short Treks23Ask NotDori Robinson40.77
46Jan 7, 2020Short Treks24–5Ephraim and Dot & The Girl Who Made the Stars35.28
47Jan 12, 2020Short Treks26Children of Mars37.03
48Jan 26, 2020Picard11Remembrance51.28
49Feb 2, 2020Picard12Maps & LegendsAmanda85.20
50Feb 10, 2020Picard13The End is the BeginningAmanda74.27
51Feb 16, 2020Picard14Absolute CandorAmanda71.67
52Feb 24, 2020Picard15Stardust City Rag45.90
53Mar 4, 2020Picard16The Impossible Box43.42
54Mar 11, 2020Picard17Nepenthe52.32
55Mar 15, 2020Picard18Broken PiecesCharlynn Schmiedt68.43
56Mar 22, 2020Picard19Et in Arcadia Ego, Part IJosh73.68
57Mar 28, 2020Picard110Et in Arcadia Ego, Part II69.57
58Apr 4, 2020Picard1Season 1 ReviewSusan Arendt74.58
59Aug 8, 2020Lower Decks11Second ContactJoe Strosnider43.78
60Oct 10, 2020Lower Decks1Season 1 Review43.35
61Oct 16, 2020Discovery31That Hope Is You, Part 156.40
62Oct 24, 2020Discovery32Far From HomeTiffany Bridge62.60
63Oct 31, 2020Discovery33People of Earth56.38
64Nov 7, 2020Discovery34Forget Me Not64.42
65Nov 14, 2020Discovery35Die Trying63.25
66Nov 22, 2020Discovery36ScavengersDana Ross48.17
67Nov 27, 2020Discovery37Unification III60.38
68Dec 6, 2020Discovery38The SanctuaryJessica Janiuk68.97
69Dec 12, 2020Discovery39Terra Firma, Part 162.48
70Dec 19, 2020Discovery310Terra Firma, Part 2Amanda76.20
71Dec 26, 2020Discovery311Su'KalKay Savetz61.77
72Jan 3, 2021Discovery312There Is a Tide…Neil A. Beardsley73.73
73Jan 9, 2021Discovery313That Hope Is You, Part 262.38
74Jan 16, 2021Discovery3Season 3 ReviewSusan Arendt88.90
75Apr 10, 2021Lower Decks, Discovery & Picard2021 teasers & trailers predictions40.45
76Aug 22, 2021Lower Decks21–2Strange Energies & Kayshon, His Eyes Open57.65
77Sep 18, 2021Lower Decks23–5We’ll Always Have Tom Paris; Mugato, Gumato; An Embarrassment of Dooplers61.80