Podcast #Podcast dateSeasonEpisodeTitleGuestLength
0Sep 22, 2017Launch Sequence Initiated28.02
1Sep 25, 201711The Vulcan Hello46.92
2Sep 26, 201712Battle at the Binary Stars47.50
3Oct 3, 201713Context Is for Kings49.67
4Oct 9, 201714The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry50.67
5Oct 16, 201715Choose Your Pain68.42
6Oct 23, 201716Lethe67.18
7Oct 31, 201717Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad64.57
8Nov 8, 201718Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum73.82
9Nov 14, 201719Into the Forest I Go69.70
10Nov 20, 20171S1 Mid-Season Questions47.12
11Nov 27, 20171Harry Mudd48.40
12Dec 13, 2017Holiday Gift Guide 201738.78
13Dec 26, 2017Crossovers We'd Like to See43.37
14Jan 12, 2018110Despite YourselfSusan Arendt52.82
15Jan 17, 2018111The Wolf Inside43.20
16Jan 26, 2018112Vaulting Ambition45.82
17Feb 1, 2018113What's Past Is Prologue48.50
18Feb 6, 2018114The War Without, The War Within48.67
19Feb 13, 2018115Will You Take My Hand?59.77
20May 17, 2018Star Trek OnlineAl Rivera39.15
21Aug 1, 2018Season 2 Trailer43.50
22Oct 3, 2018Short Treks, Picard's Return & Star Trek Beyond43.47
23Oct 12, 2018Short Treks: Runaway37.15
24Nov 11, 2018Short Treks: Calypso44.55
25Dec 13, 2018Short Treks: The Brightest Star28.28